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We turn expertise into online learning-experiences that feel fresh, unique and engaging. We use the latest teaching techniques and technologies, such as gamification and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and cater to any budget.

Mental Lemonade behind the scenes elearning instructor ai artificial intelligence teaching technologies

Our services

We brew mental lemonade in three different ways.

Mental Lemonade elearning e-learning online courses
Complete online courses

Together with your experts, or our in-house experts, we create engaging e-learning modules that are sure to be completed and remembered.

Mental Lemonade separate learning materials green background
Separate learning materials

From single videos to audio lessons, knowledge checks, PDF worksheets, textbooks, PowerPoint presentations and translations… we do it all.

Mental Lemonade coaching consulting learning strategy presentation
Coaching and consulting

We can assist with any learning challenge, including your learning strategy, curriculum design and presentation training. 

For any budget

Whether you represent a business, school, government or non-profit, we can adapt to your unique requirements and budgets.

Mental Lemonade elearning e-learning lower production value budget

Lower-budget options

  • Smartphones used for filming
  • Videos made with AI instructors
  • Limited gamification and storytelling
  • Lower diversity of media and interactions
  • Limited accessibility features
  • One language
Mental Lemonade elearning e-learning high production value budget

Higher-budget options

  • Professional camera equipment
  • Videos made with human instructors
  • Advanced gamification and storytelling
  • Higher diversity of media and interactions
  • Top-level accessibility (WCAG 2.2)
  • Multiple languages

Thirsty for more?

Discover what we can brew for you.