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Case: Philips
Type: E-learning experience
Audience: All employees (~70k)
Total duration: 90 minutes
Language: English
Delivered: Q1 2023
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Agile360 for Teams

Introducing a new framework for team collaboration at Philips.
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We were asked to create a practical e-learning experience from start to finish, which should enable teams at Philips to get started effectively with their new way of working called Agile360.

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We developed five engaging modules together with subject-matter experts from Gladwell Academy and reviewers from Philips. In just two shooting days, nearly 20 employees shared their stories in front of the camera.

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We delivered 28 video lessons, spread across five online modules with lots of interactive exercises, quizzes and real-life experiences. Learners loved it and graded the e-learning experience with an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Philips e-learning snapshot: videos from colleagues sharing their experiences.
Philips e-learning: behind the scenes.
Philips e-learning snapshot: video.
Philips e-learning snapshot: sorting exercise.

“This is exactly what I needed! Transformation can bring about uncertainty, anxiety, and fear. Your Agile360 Essential Training was exceptional and removed all of these feelings for me. The training was presented with enthusiasm and clarity…thank you!” — Tim B. 


“AMAZING ! I was energized by the authenticity and simplicity of this training.”

— Thasis G. 


“Thank you for recommending the Agile 360 Essentials course. I LOVED it! I plan to reach out to coach to learn more about the path to scrum master.”

— Jessica R.


“Really awesome training. Explained the concept and terminologies in simple language.”

— Abdul M.

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Special mentions

We developed this project together with lots of great people, but we want to thank Priscilla Dunant-Maurits in particular; she entrusted us to create something truly special. We also want to thank Gladwell Academy for their subject-matter expertise and Holland Park Media for the video production.

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