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After many years, we decided it was time for a new brand name that better reflects our core business: creating fresh e-learning experiences. 

Ninjafy Mental Lemonade brand new logo changed Marc Rodan elearning training learning instructional design

A brief history… started when Marc Rodan decided to leave The Netherlands in 2018. He booked a one-way ticket to Bali, Indonesia and started his e-learning business there.

First assignment

While travelling southeast Asia, Marc posted many videos online, both to improve his skills and to find clients. He also found Niels den Daas (his co-founder). Niels travelled from The Netherlands to Thailand, so that they could work on the first assignment for Gladwell Academy together and lay the foundation for

Beyond e-learning

After spending one year in southeast Asia, Marc moved back to The Netherlands to grow the business. Together with Niels, he built software products, e-learning and on-site training for small and large organizations.

Back to e-learning

Due to the global pandemic, it became too difficult to grow Ninjafy beyond e-learning. Niels left the company and Marc continued on his own. That’s how he met Boris de Jong. They shared the same vision on online learning and together they founded Mental Lemonade. 

An ode to the Ninja GIF

Throughout the years, GIFs became a staple of the Ninjafy brand. Many clients and colleagues practiced their Ninja moves with us. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones below. 

Same style, new flavour


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